Bendik Giske (NO/DE) is a saxophonist and composer exploring the range of possibilities of his instrument as well as his physical capabilities as a performer.


Adjust Remix EP is out on Smalltown Supersound 26 October.


In addition to original track Adjust this EP also contains remixes from his friends Total Freedom and Lotic, as well as Rezzett and Deathprod.


Giske finds a natural home in Smalltown Supersound as he cites Lindstrom’s arpeggio sounds and Evan Parker’s circular breathing as references, both of whom have released on the label. By combining the two extreme sides of the scale, he seamlessly fuses freeform jazz and club music.


‘I take the building blocks of electronic music and play it live—without layering or looping, to the best of my ability. All the faults of being human come through.”


The performance artist and saxophonist’s mesmerizing debut takes listeners on a true journey through the euphoria and wanderlust of nights spent clubbing—using little more than his voice, saxophone, his instrument of choice, and more than a few well-placed microphones.


“‘Adjust’ represents a period of time when you adjust to your circumstances—when you get into it, before you’re into it,” says Giske. “I’d been playing different riffs and challenging myself to play something that lies well in the hand, so the approach was physical—what my body does as opposed to what I want to create.’


With breath, steel and muscle Giske is transmuting his clubbing experience through the saxophone.

Background photo by Andrey Semenski.


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